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Flow-wrapping machines

Infeed systems

We offer a wide range of individual infeed systems. Always customized to your requirements. We will discuss the interface with you personally. From full automation from the output of the production process, e.g. cooling tunnel, to systems to facilitate manual infeed. 
Additionally, we offer systems for separating and turning products before the primary packaging or systems for product pooling e.g. for multipacks.

In the case of single-lane product flows, the final task of the infeed is feeding the products into the flow wrapping machine. We focus on 2 systems for this purpose, although other solutions can of course also be offered depending on the application.


A special system in which the products are conveyed directly into the film tube. The FUJI flow wrapper adapts to the product flow. The advantage is the extremely gentle product handling, with which even soft and sticky or fragile products can be processed. Since the machine adapts, there are no empty bags. We use this system - depending on the product - up to a packing capacity of 300 products per minute. The system requires only 2 conveyor belts, whose design allows particularly fast disassembly and cleaning of the belts.

Feeding systems FW3710BSB Attachless
 Feeding systems_Attachless
Feed systems FW3400a8+FFS1000sn
Feeding systems Turning station


The main focus here is high packing capacities and feeding into the chain of the FUJI flow wrapper. Typical applications are found in the confectionery sector, e.g. chocolate bars, but also many other products e.g. dishwasher tabs often have to be fed quickly. The typical output range is from 200-1100 products per minute.
With our FFS1000, we permanently monitor the individual speeds of 7 or 10 belts running in succession and adjust them to the product flow. 
The products are first gently pooled and then fed into the chain of the form, fill and seal machine via the last two belts.
The total length of the low-pressure infeed is only about 2 meters.


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