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Flow wrapping machines for fruit and vegetables

When in Season

To meet seasonally varying workloads, the FUJI vegetable wrapper is perfect with its format flexibility and high machine availability. Combined with the FUJI "Attachless" infeed, automation solutions with over 100 packs per minute are also possible. The box motion end sealing also seals particularly thin PP films and an adjustment of the knife is not necessary.

We have machines with film feeding from below for loose products or from above for trays.

Gebr Meier Romaine

Romaine lettuce

Hahn Tomatoes


Kobelt Chicory Packaging Tubular Bag


Rocket tubular bag

Rocket arugula

Tomato Tray Tubular Bag

Tomato tray

Flow Wrapping Machines

Other Branches

A chocolate bar with two pieces of chocolate next to it


Flow wrappers
for sweets

Three baguettes placed on top of each other

Bakery products

Flow wrappers
for baked goods

A frozen pizza with lots of vegetables and cheese

Frozen products

Flow wrappers
for frozen products

A blue inhaler

Pharmaceutical and medical products

Flow wrappers
for pharmaceutical and medical products

A large salami with a few letters of salami next to it

Meat and sausages

Flow wrappers
for meat and sausages

A large piece of cheese with many smaller fragments in front of it

Dairy products

Flow wrappers
for dairy products

Two tomatoes with a handful of basil leaves

Fruit and vegetables

Flow wrappers
for fruit and vegetables

two superimposed silver batteries for the non-food category


Flow wrappers
for non-food products


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